About Carol Williams

Hi! I am Carol Williams. Being raised in a Christian home that was as close to Leave it to Beaver as you can get, I guess you could say I had some idyllic ideas on how life would be. I would get married, have kids that were perfect, and all of my little girl dreams would come true. This world has a way of throwing you some curveballs though and as much as I love baseball, I didn’t do to well at catching them. What I did not know when going through years of some tough situations was that I was being set up. God was preparing me to be an overcomer of epic proportions.

I invited Jesus into my heart as a child, was filled with the Holy Spirit at age 18, and have now been in the same church for 34 years. Yet a few years ago I found myself full of rejection, defeat, disillusionment, and a multitude of other very negative emotions. I spiraled into a crisis of faith and that is when I realized it was all a setup. God had to let me get to the end of myself to find where I was supposed to be all along. Read More…

My story is one finding identity in God. Though I am a wife of 31 years, a mom of two children and a new daughter in love, a business owner with my husband, and a graduate Cum Laude from Dallas Baptist University, my most favorite identity is daughter of God. I have served in several different capacities at my church over the years, but have just now stepped into the most important one; teaching Kingdom Identity to an emerging group of modern day Esther’s called to the Kingdom for such a time as this.

The burn in my heart in this hour is to awaken hope in a generation and teach them their true identity in Christ. We are not what we seem. The sleeping giant that is the Church of the Living God is beginning to stir and an awakening has begun. The greatest days of the sons and daughters of God are on the horizon and we must be prepared to take the stage. I hope you will join me on this journey of dismantling the lies of the enemy over us and building a framework of new paradigms that will set us on a path of freedom such as the world has never seen.

“For all of creation is waiting, yearning for the time when the children of God will be revealed.”

Romans 8:19

Carol Williams

In 2010 I received a mailer from the Ft. Worth Symphony announcing the upcoming symphony season. On the front of the card was a statue of an angel blowing a trumpet. Written next to it in bold letters were the words “Awaken to a New Season.” As I sat at my desk reading the card, the Spirit of God became tangible around me. I knew the card was God speaking to me. I had never received a card from the symphony before and have never received another to this day. Read More…

I put the card on my desk and every time I looked at it, the words “Awaken to a New Season” went all through me. It followed me through the days and weeks that followed and I could not escape the sound of Awaken. One day while pondering what all this meant to me, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so clearly and said “Awaken to Change. Change is coming and what is coming will require a paradigm shift.” For seven years He went to work challenging my paradigms and shaking the foundations of my belief system to see what would stand. I have a feeling He is still not through.

We are now in a season of Awakening and Change on a scale this world has never seen. What is coming we do not have a grid for. It will not be life as usual or church as usual. We are on the precipice of an awakening in the Earth on an unprecedented level. It is time to arise and shine and to do that He will have to remove the things that mar the brilliance of His glory within and upon us. So let’s buckle up and get ready for the ride of our lives.

Romans 8:19 “For all of creation is waiting, yearning for the time when the children of God will be revealed.”