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We the Blog’ettes, in order to form a more perfect “Nesting Together”, have
created this Blog’ette site just for you! It’s time for us ladies to get out our Bibles, and notepads, get cozy in our favorite chair, have a cup of our favorite coffee or tea, and Blog’ette together!

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We’ve just started, and are looking for many, many more Blog’ettes to join us. Be inspired, be encouraged, and most of all let’s grow together!

“Jesus is building us up together to make a habitation (a Nesting Together) for
God in the Holy Spirit! He has set us apart for Himself as a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated, and sacred to the presence of the Lord!” Ephesians 2:21-22 NKJV, Amplified, NLV, Am. Standard, plus: ‘Nesting Together’ by JB

Kindred Spirits


There are friends.
There is family.
And then there are friends that
Become family.

Enjoy Kindred Spirits Here

a Nesting of Friends Pursuing God Together

Judy Block

Experience God’s Presence

Judy is the creator and founder of Judy & The Blog’ettes and Judy Block Ministries. She is a wife and mother, prophetic worship leader, flutist, song writer, author and teacher, and is passionate to help people to “Experience God’s Presence”

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Victoria Cleveland

The Journey of a Bride

Published Author * Speaker * Educator
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Laurel Durham

Engaging the Light

I am a seer and visionary, a Mom and a grand-mom. I teach and encourage women to look beyond and see their redemptive potential, not only in themselves but in others as well.

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Polly Harder

About Polly Harder

Director/President of Jordan House Ministries, Inc.
Publisher, Conselor, Author

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Michele Minguzzi

Mystic ReVEILation

I am a daughter of the Most High,
A wife and mother of three.
I am a seeker
for the
Revelation Door.

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Carol Williams


Carol is a wife, mom, business owner, teacher, lover of Jesus and smashing religious boxes!

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