Kingdom Identity – Matter of the Heart

Yes, it’s that time of year again… the month of love! The time when hearts turn to that special day that you show your Valentine how much you care! It’s a time when, just like a beautiful rose, hearts begin to open and love and romance begin to bloom. We can experience some of these same feelings at wedding or anniversaries. Personally, I have just come from a wedding rehearsal, and I have to say, there’s a tangible feeling of love and excitement when you’re in a room with two people in love. There’s a synergy that love creates. Have you felt it? Check your heart. Have you seen it? A person in love has a “certain” look. Have you heard it? Close your eyes and listen. Love has a sound that is recognized worldwide. It’s a language of the heart.

There’s nothing that can move a heart more than being with the one you’re in love with… and so it goes with me. I am a hopeless romantic. That’s just who I am… part of my personality, my make-up. So as I write this article, I’m moved by that emotion. You see, I am not only a hopeless romantic, but I am also a woman hopelessly in love. Yes, I’m admitting it… hopelessly, endlessly, and passionately in love. And there is one who moves my heart like no other. He’s beautiful! He’s wonderful! He is the romantic of all ages. His name is Jesus… Jesus Christ. He is my Beloved. He’s the one I will love for eternity, and the one I will spend all of eternity with.

Listen ladies… don’t we all have a desire to be romanced? Don’t we want to know there is someone out there who finds us irresistible? Someone who will take the time and effort to show us how important we are to them? don’t we want to know there is someone who really cares about how we feel; who cares about what’s important to us? And someone who not only cares, but will go through the effort to show us and make us feel loved. I tell you, that is exactly what Jesus will do, and wants to do daily, if we will only come away with Him. Love takes time! It takes being vulnerable and opening up to the one you love. It involves sharing your emotions. God has made each of us with a desire to be loved and cherished. He’s put that desire in each of us, and He’s the one that knows how to completely satisfy that desire.

I’ve experienced His unconditional love many times in the “secret place”; that place alone with Him. It’s there He reveals Himself to me in ways I’ve not known Him; and each time, I come out of the secret place loving Him more. In the solitude I discover His beauty. I discover His passion and purity and love and holiness, all combines; and when I see Him as He really is, and experience Him the same way it causes me to be able to open my heart to Him; to fully trust Him. Don’t we want and need to be able to trust the one we love?

So today, if you’re feeling a little lonely, a little neglected, maybe even a little sorry for yourself; if you don’t have that “special someone” in your life right now, let me remind you of something we sometimes forget. Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) There are times we feel completely alone; forsaken, if you will. There are times we get extremely busy, sometimes living life from one crisis to another. Our minds get cluttered with many things; but if we take time to get alone with Jesus, completely alone, and get our eyes and hearts on Him, He will reveal Himself to us EVERY TIME. He loves to reveal Himself to those who will take the time to just be with Him. And when you choose to do that, He will give you custom-made experiences that speak to your heart, and cause you to open your heart to Him. You will know without a doubt that you are not alone. He wants to kiss your heart with His living word and awaken you to His love. It’s a love that never fails. It’s a love that grows stronger and stronger with time. And there’s no trial or tribulation or sin that can quench His love for you.

I want to challenge you today to pursue His love. Take this “season of love” and give your heart to the One who knows everything about you; the good, the bad and the ugly…and still loves you deeply and passionately. Give your heart to the one who will treasure it, hold it dear, and never mistreat you. He wants you to take just one small step toward Him, and when you do, He will come running to you. And in that place of deep communion, you will experience the reality of being completely and wholly loved.  

Jesus has such a sweet embrace, and when He puts His arms around you, you’ll know you are not only fully loved, but fully accepted. Accepted just as you are. He loves you in your weaknesses, and He loves you even in your sin. The enemy will tell you that you’re not good enough, that you have to be a better person in order to be loved, but that is not what Jesus says. He says come to Him just as you are.


Do you know that if you receive and continually nurture the love of Jesus, it will prevail over everything in your life? His word says “Many waters (the obstacles and pressures of life) cannot quench love, nor can the floods (of various trials) drown it…” (Song of Solomon 8:7) Are there obstacles in your life, various trials and temptations you want to get victory over?   Here’s the secret…allow His love to have free reign in your life. His love is your liberty! It sets you free from bondage, guilt, shame, and sin. The love of God is real – nothing can separate us from His love – nothing can break the covenant He has with us. We may break the covenant, but He never will. There is no disappointment, no addiction, no stronghold, or no person that can keep us from the love of God.  

Well, you might say, that sounds wonderful, but how do I experience that love? How does that love become stronger than any negative circumstance or emotion in my life? It all begins by opening your heart and allowing Him to come in. It’s impossible to love with a closed heart. Do you have trouble opening your heart? Then let me challenge you! Take a chance… try it just one more time. Open your heart and choose to trust Him. He won’t disappoint you. Don’t allow fear to keep you from being fully alive! Let go of past rejections and heartache and give it one more try. Only, try it with the One who is worthy. Worthy of your love. He is the one who will treat you with dignity instead of taking it from you. He is the one who will hold your heart gently and lovingly. Your heart is a priceless treasure to Him.  He died for it. Give Him a chance to show you.


Lastly, love is the language of the heart. It’s a communion, or coming together, of two hearts. It’s romantic. It’s intimate because it involves opening your heart and sharing a part of yourself. Revealing the REAL YOU.   

There are two keys to moving into this language of the heart…listening and speaking. Listen and He will tell you what’s on His heart. As you wait with an attitude of expectancy, He will communicate with you. He will speak direction into your life and what He speaks will cause your heart to come alive. Secondly, speak to Him. Tell Him everything you’re feeling. He cares about you deeply.  And yes, He already knows…but there’s something powerful that transpires when you speak the deep things of your heart to the one you love. Be transparent and let Him into the deep recesses of your heart. He is a safe savior. He will answer questions you have, and speak to you concerning the desires of your heart. The communion between your heart and His is a beautiful, intimate experience. It’s romancing your heart. And Jesus really is the romantic of all ages.  

In this “season of love”, He wants you to know you are His beloved. He loves you with an unconditional, never ending love. There is power in that love. He wants to spend time with you and romance your heart with the kiss of His word. Will you say “Yes”? He’s waiting. Discover the one who is the romantic of all ages.  It’s a discovery that will cause you to come alive in ways you’ve never dreamed possible. Just say “YES!”

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