About Victoria Cleveland

My name is Victoria (Vickie) Cleveland. I am also known as Vic, Babe, Mom and Nena to my family.

The name of my blog is The Journey of a Bride. I am currently blogging on Song of Solomon in the Bible, and this series is called Journey Through the Song. You can find it on my website at or sign up for it to be sent directly to your email. I would love to hear comments from you and suggestions for upcoming blog series!

My website is Please feel free to browse through it, read a snippet from my current book, preview what’s coming down the pipe, and leave a comment if you like! I am always delighted to hear from someone who has visited the site.

My favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Let me ask you…are your dreams creating your future? They should be! God gave us our dreams and He will work with us to fulfill them!

Victoria Cleveland

I became a born again believer in 1981, when the Lord turned my life upside down (or maybe I should say right side up)! He made Himself real to me, and I experienced the love I had been searching for all my life. Jesus is now the center of my life, and everything I am and do, revolves around Him.

I love reading, writing and spending time in my prayer place. I like chocolate (anything!), music, wine, shoes and vacations. I also love the beach, beautiful sunsets and full moons! And I love spending time with family and friends!

My tip for life in general is to not be afraid to give and receive love. Life is short and our love, the way we love others, will be the legacy we pass down. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone left a legacy of love. What a beautiful thought! “Love never fails…” I Corinthians 13:8