Holy Spirit led me to CFNI through a dream, where I saw a large auditorium with hundreds of people standing with their hands raised, praising the Lord. Above their heads were lights in the shape of a cross. I’d never seen anything like it! In just a few weeks, I was invited to go with some ladies to a women’s conference at CFNI. When we walked through the door, I immediately thought it was familiar. Then I realized this was the place I had dreamt about! I knew I was supposed to go to school at CFNI and started that Fall semester. I graduated in 1984.

    I was perplexed when I realized I had to have a “ministry” to major in. Ministry? The idea of being a pastor’s wife or a missionary, living in a grass hut in the jungles of Africa was not something I wanted to aspire to. I think I heard Holy Spirit chuckle when He told me to pick up my flute, which I had played in high school.

     The CFNI music department was wonderful! I quickly picked up the “flow” of playing my flute under the anointing of Holy Spirit, and I loved it!

     I had only been Spirit-filled for two years when Holy Spirit led me to CFNI. While I was there, I pursued the Lord with all my heart – getting up early every morning to be alone with Him, spending my afternoons in the newly built Library Chapel, praying and meeting with the faculty to know and learn from them.  Now, almost 40 years later, I cherish the memories of those meetings and the prophetic words spoken over me. The dynamic presence of Holy Spirit was beyond anything I had ever experienced to this day. I quickly became totally submerged in following, believing and walking with God!

    During my second year at CFNI, I was one of eight ladies chosen from hundreds who tried out for the prestigious Living Praise traveling choir and band. It was the experience of a lifetime!

    We ministered in a church almost every Sunday and Wednesday. We also went to with Mrs. Freda (Mom) Lindsay to several of her banquets to raise funds for the international students and the school. During the summer we went on a tour of the United States and Canada in our own “Living Praise” bus.

     Today, I have two God-loving sons I am very proud of. They have both graduated from CFNI. My oldest son met his wife there and have recently made me a very happy grandmother.

     I love CFNI and what it’s doing around the world for the Gospel. The ministry is a powerful Holy Spirit gift to us all. I support it to this day in my prayers and finances.

     I have written two books, The Anointing and Gate = Decision. I’ve also written some wonderful music and it is on You Tube – Judy Block.

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